PTI, PTO & TacOutKastz is a merger between Pardon the Interuption, Code Name Taco & OutKastz. The merger took place on July, 1st 2019 with the group formly combining forces on the SlackChat platform for Madden Mobile 20(MM20).

  • Exclusive SlackChat platform fully customized
  • Extensive Spreadsheet details are recorded for each match
  • Abundant information on League GamePlay, Schemes, Coaches, Defensive Strategy & Current Promotions
  • Customized Software for each League to record both offense and defense data
  • Tier step approach for it's members
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Pardon The Interuption

  • League Rank: 4
  • Members: 23/32
  • Creation Date: 01/19/2017
  • Average Level: 22
  • Average Team OVRL: 80
  • League Record: 19-0
  • League Status: [Invite Only]
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Pardon The OutKastz

  • League Rank: 47
  • Members: 19/32
  • Creation Date: 03/13/2017
  • Average Level: 22
  • Average Team OVRL: 79
  • League Record: 18-0
  • League Status: [Open For Tryouts]
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  • League Rank: 39
  • Members: 28/32
  • Creation Date: 8/30/2015
  • Average Level: 18
  • Average Team OVRL: 77
  • League Record: 18-0
  • League Status: [Open For Tryouts]
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Additional Information:

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We are a group of Madden Mobile Members, who joined together to create a network of 3 different leagues. PTI, PTO & TacOutKastz Family allow us to utalize and maintain a competitive edge over other Top 100 leagues.

PTI, PTO & TacOutKastz Family has different leadership groups that maintain each league. We all track, manage, assist, data from every league match. This extensive data allows us to provide resources to our members throughout the entire season.

With our combined resources from each league, allows our members a opportunity move around based on their priorities for the season. This allow our members to grow while staying under the same umbrella of PTI, PTO & TacOutKastz Family . We all share information that allows each league to be sucessful.

League Achievements

Madden Mobile 15 to 20

Total Leagues & Ranks