PTI, PTO & Company is a merger between Pardon the Interception & OutKastz. The merger took place on July, 1st 2019 with the group formly combining forces on the SlackChat platform for Madden Mobile 20(MM20).

  • Exclusive SlackChat platform fully customized
  • Extensive Spreadsheet details are recorded for each match
  • Abundant information on League GamePlay, Schemes, Coaches, Defensive Strategy & Current Promotions
  • Customized Software for each League to record both offense and defense data
  • Tier step approach for it's members
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Pardon The Interception

Pardon The OutKastz

  • League Rank: 20
  • Members: 28/32
  • Creation Date: 03/13/2017
  • Average Level: 54
  • Average Team OVRL: 88
  • League Record: 114-2
  • League Status: [Invite Only - Limited Tryouts]
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Additional Information:

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MADDEN NFL 20: NFL 100 - November 2019:

      Honor the storied careers of NFL 100 legends and celebrate the great traditions of football in Ultimate Team, and play with new icons in Superstar KO!

General Guidlines:

All rules are subject to change and may be different for each league.  Please review these guidlines prior to applying or joining Slackchat. 

- There will be no cheating of any kind. If you are caught cheating, you will be removed from the league immediately and won’t be given a second chance. Cheating includes, but is not limited to: Hacking game files, using emulators, buying fraudulent Madden cash or third-party coins.
-Racial, homophobic, vulgar, or any other talk deemed offensive will not be tolerated.
- Never share screenshots of  LvLs or information from league chats with other leagues.
- Missed LvL drives will not be tolerated unless there is a true emergency. If you are ever worried that you may not have time to play in a tournament, ask to be benched.

You don't have to participate if you don't want. Please let an admin know if you don’t want to participate.
- Do not kick field goals or extra points. Always go on 4th down and go for the 2pt conversion.
- Even if you are ahead, still play out your drives. No kneeling, qb spikes, etc.    

      SlackChat Communication App:
- Create a username that is similiar to your madden name in order to help everyone out.  (400 accounts registered already)
- When you join #Public channel,  Please indicate which league you have applied at or are already in.  We will move you to the appropriate channel & notify leadership of that league.
- After the initial briefing, You will be added to that league huddle and shared chatrooms all three leagues share. 
- We won't tolerate any offensive or vulgar communications directed at our madden family.  Treat everyone as you would expect to be treated & you'll receive the respect of our community. 
- You will be part of our Madden Community and Family,  Everyone will do everything possible to make you a better person, player & ensure you have a sucessful season in competitive match play.

We are a group of Madden Mobile Members, who joined together to create a network of 2 different leagues. PTI, PTO & Company allow us to utalize and maintain a competitive edge over other Top 100 leagues.

PTI, PTO & Company has different leadership groups that maintain each league. We all track, manage, assist, data from every league match. This extensive data allows us to provide resources to our members throughout the entire season.

With our combined resources from each league, allows our members a opportunity move around based on their priorities for the season. This allow our members to grow while staying under the same umbrella of PTI, PTO & Company . We all share information that allows each league to be sucessful.

League information:

Madden Mobile 15 to 20

Total Leagues & Ranks