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Pardon the Interception (PTI)

  • Creation Date: 1/19/2017
  • Formerly Known: PTI
  • Top 100 Rep: Telegram & KIK
  • Muthead: Recruitment
  • Seasons: MM15, 16, 17, 18 & 19
  • Facebook: None
  • Twitter: None
  • Telegram POC: @Dude_Judd
  • Commissioner: Judd
  • Administrators:

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In a game where you can’t tell where one league ends and another one begins, Pardon the Interception (PTI) continues to remain true to the old school, high standards of competitive League v League play. We are a league devoted to handing our opponents losses through teamwork, skill, and clean play. We finished 2018 ranked #10 and finished ranked #3 in 2019, and we continue the tradition of being a thorn in the side of elite competition with a wins against top competition


We are an old school league, last of a dying breed. We offer a mature environment with a good group of dudes who are passionate about football, improving and helping others, winning, and most importantly—fun! If you’re football obsessed and looking for a league who thrives on playing elite competition straight up and want to experience the League v League battles that sets Madden apart from other games then we are the league you’ve been searching for. PTI is looking the football obsessed, hardworking, and mature team players.

Important Facts

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