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Mission Statment

OutKastz will use a specific system to maximize player match up for league vs league matches! Ensures accuracy of your data on Spread Sheets to track your progress for a entire year! With the data, it will tell us who is ready to be promoted too.

- Current Standing (Updated: January 20th, 2018) - 

    Viking's League

    Viking's League in Mut15 - August / September

    Muthead Militia Merger November / December - Mut15



    Establishment of OutKastz - January Mut15



    OutKastz First Win after Merger



    March 2017 Spreadsheets



    Daily Lineups March 2017



    Moving Mondays 2017 March 1st

   May 2018  



      Muthead League: OutKastz




    OutKastz & OutKastz 2 - D.E.A (18/32)


    Open Spots for League Richard Sherman +2 AWR and Patrick DiMarco +2 AWR








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    August 20th, 2016





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OutKastz Priorities

100% Competitive League Matches
80% League vs League Information
70% Weekly Promo
55% Social

OutKastz History

Established December 2014 - January 2015