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Mission Statment

OutKastz will use a specific system to maximize player match up for league vs league matches! Ensures accuracy of your data on Spread Sheets to track your progress for a entire year! With the data, it will tell us who is ready to be promoted too.

We are a group of Madden Mobile Players; We are from different leagues whom banded together and created OutKastz DEA. We have been together since Mut15 around December 2014; with a record consistently in the Top 100  of all Madden Mobile Leagues. Together, We are all brothers who love to play Madden Mobile

- Current Standing (Updated: February 18th, 2018) - 

    OutKastz League Information

    • League Rank:  39
    • League Record:  171-16 
    • Total Members (Main): 29 out of 32*
    • League Tourney: 18 points minimum for 10 day average
    • League Team Overall Requirement: 97 Defense
    • League Power Requirement: 2200
    • Scoring Spreadsheets: MM19 OutKastz Scoring Records
    • URL:
    • Slackchat: Join OutKastz.SlackChat Now (Our main communication app. Allows for Multi-channel Chats)

    What is expected of our members:

    • Don't miss a LvL tournament, unless you have to requested it.
    • Maintain an 18.0 point 10 day cutline
    • Follow our Roster Lineup for each LvL Match.
    • Must have previous LvL Experience.
    • Must Be Active
    • Must be able to Communicate
    • Be chatty, happy, and have fun.

    How to join OutKastz:

    • Download SlackChat from your Phone's App Store
    • Click Here to join OutKastz Slack Channel
    • Pick a usrname (Please keep it similiar to your madden username)
    • From League Search, Search for OutKastz [#WeAreMadden - MUT]
    • In your application to the league, Mention your from Muthead.
    • Once accepted, We will ask you to play 3 or 4 Admins, to gauge playcalling & Skill-set.
    • We will set your Roster Rank for the next LvL match after your matches.

    OutKastz Leadership Group:

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OutKastz Priorities

100% Competitive League Matches
80% League vs League Information
70% Weekly Promo
55% Social

OutKastz History

Established December 2014 - January 2015

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