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Mission Statment

OutKastz will use a specific system to maximize player match up for league vs league matches! Ensures accuracy of your data on Spread Sheets to track your progress for a entire year! With the data, it will tell us who is ready to be promoted too.

OutKastz Rules & Policies


II Rules, Polices & OutKastz Plan November 2019


OutKastz ultimate goal is to compete with Top100 Leagues and finish within Top 100. Our goal is to achieve the Top 250 league ranks. According to our Spreadsheets we have achieved impressive Victories in last 2 weeks vs Top300 leagues; We may be looking for 1-2 members who want to be in a  competitive league, dedicated to helping us reach our goals.


 If the ‘Booted’ league member would like to dispute any decision they must take this up with any League Admin.

OutKastz defines ‘Spamming’ as such: Using a play more than two times in a row.


Spamming  is definitely Not Allowed  during Inter-League Play (Tournament Play) Every time you call a play, you increase the odds of a frequency counter (even if the play is not hard countered and has a low soft counter %) If you call it again within 5 plays, frequency counter % will ADD to that. As you keep calling the same play, that frequency counter % will go up until it hits 100% and you are getting countered every play thus wasting drive/drives.

Point Requirements: Outkastz  - D.E.A requires all players to have a 14 points blended average. If players are having trouble scoring then we will decrease your overall on the sheets to help players get back into a groove.

Daily Tournaments: Outkastz - D.E.A participates in daily tournaments. If you are not available to participate in daily tournaments; just post in #benching-reminders in Slack. See more information below in Extended Benching section.


Anti-Cheating: Outkastz - D.E.A  is currently a member of the The D.E.A - An anti-cheating initiative.  We ask our Admins  to represent us in the General D.E.A Chat  on KIK.  This chat allows for other D.E.A Leagues  to share information about Leagues that are known to take advantage of cheats that include APM, Force Closing &  Point Glitches.  As OutKastz  is part of this movement, We consistently share information with other leagues. OutKastz  has a Zero Tolerance  for anyone or any league that will gain an unfair advantage.  If you are found to be cheating within OutKastz, you will be removed immediately and you will need to file an appeal with an OutKastz admin. Once an Appeal has been filed,  the UGLs/Admins will take a vote after a discussion.  After the vote has been completed, the UGL/Admin  will share the results with the rest of the league and notify you of the results.


Intra-League Touraments: Outkastz - D.E.A participates in daily inter-league tournaments. We set each round at 24 hours per match.  The players are sorted by Rank  from the previous intra-league match. This allows for Bye round for members ranked 1-2. The difficulty is set to All-Madden. This allows for our members to play each other with a difficulty that is above Inter-League matches for practice.

Slackchat: All League members are required to have the Slackchat communication app and use this as the main form of communication. This is intended to allow our members to communicate information between each other easier. We will do everyone's vote on Slackchat or create an anonymous vote through Polly. Slackchat can be found in the App Store of Android or Apple for free. If you have any questions about the league rules or policies, these need to be taken up with the 3 League Admins listed in the Outkastz thread.



Union Group Leaders:

 The Union Group leaders (UGL) are regular members of the OutKastz group. They represent the rest of the OutKastz group who are not Admins or a Commissioner. They each will have 1 vote  the same amount as a Admin.  The UGL's will participate with other Admins in a voting system.  As new rules, policies & decisions on players will be brought forth, we will take an anonymous for vote to determine if the new changes will be adopted into the OutKastz league.  UGL's also gauge the rest of the league to see if any issues arise that a needs attention immediately. UGL's are members who have been with the league for awhile and they have been nominated to be an UGL by other fellow members to represent them.  This system allows for more votes on a particular subject, rules, policies & players decisions that allows for more feedback from the group as a whole.  

Recruiting Requirements: Outkastz - D.E.A  requires that all league members have a 93+ Overall team or better rating. These requirements have a tendency to change depending on the stage of the season. Some exceptions may be made by League Admin on a case by case basis.

Extended Benching: Outkastz - D.E.A  understands that life takes precedence over video games. If for any reason you need to be benched for a tournament it is the League Members responsibility to post in #benching-reminders in Slack on this matter.


Have Fun: The main goal of our OutKastz Family  is to break into the Top 100 for 2017-2018.  Starting Day of MM17; will be our first Tournament of  2017;   We want everyone grow together as group and achieve our goals. We are looking for dedicated members.


We have opening and will make sure everyone is able to start in tourneys & use OutKastz Database to track your progress, daily, 3 day, Week, 2 Week 28 day and Yearly Averages! We have custom formulas that we use to calculate Who Do I play every tourney to match up with the opponents defense's overalls! Our Database & formulas are use by four top50 leagues that we assisted with Spread Sheets formulas to make their leagues more efficient!  




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OutKastz Priorities

100% Competitive League Matches
80% League vs League Information
70% Weekly Promo
55% Social

OutKastz History

Established December 2014 - January 2015